Our Mission & vision

We are a community on the Westside following Jesus and seeking to reach, teach, and equip others to do the same. Our desire is to become a healthy and multiplying expression of Christ's church in each of the 23 neighborhoods that make up the Westside of Los Angeles.


According to the LA Times, the Westside of Los Angeles is populated by roughly 530,000 people living in 23 neighborhoods across 100 square miles. If the Westside were a city, it would be the 5th largest in the state. This is the specific region where we focus our direct efforts.

In Los Angeles, the Westside is geographically and culturally distinct. We consider it unique in its potential to serve as a strategic platform for kingdom advancement throughout the rest of LA and beyond.


The word "collective," in its adjective form, speaks of something that is shared or done by all members of a group.

In light of how the church is described in the New Testament, the name “Collective Church” is admittedly a little redundant. We're totally okay with that.

The church is not a "place where" but a "people who." The Bible describes the church as being members of one body whose head is Christ. Each of us has a place and a role to play so that the body can be healthy and function as it should, carrying out its purpose in the world.

intentional disciple-making

Our aim is to see people become responsible followers of Jesus, responsible family members, responsible stewards, and responsible disciple-makers.