get to know us

We are a community on the Westside following Jesus and seeking to reach, teach, and equip others to do the same.


Who We Are

Collective Church is a community of imperfect people pursuing God’s perfect plan and we want others to experience the same life-changing love of Jesus we have.

We are regionally focused on the Westside and endeavor to be a church community of responsible followers of Jesus, family members, stewards, and disciple-makers.

Where We Come From

In the fall of 2014, a handful of people began gathering together on a weekly basis to pray about planting a regionally-focused church on LA’s Westside. We imagined a church community marked by love and authenticity, that existed as a family, with a high level of commitment to one another and to making disciples of Jesus.

Fourteen months later, we launched as a fully expressed church community we called Collective Church. The word "collective," in its adjective form, speaks of something that is shared or done by all members of a group. In light of how the church is described in the New Testament, the name “Collective Church” is admittedly a little redundant. We're totally okay with that.

Where We're Headed

We want to see the Westside changed forever by Jesus. We don’t presume we’re the key to that happening, but we definitely want to play a part in it. We are absolutely committed to introduce people to Jesus and and see them in a growing relationship with Him.

We endeavor to build relationships with one another and our neighbors on the Westside, and help people explore what it looks like to live for Jesus in a broken world.

What this means for you

There is a place for you in our church community and we invite you to learn to follow Jesus along with us and participate in what God has called us to.

If you want to join us at one of our Sunday gatherings, click here. If you are interested in learning more about our beliefs, click here, and if you want to get connected, click here.